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Tools for engineers to build intelligent automation that works in real life.
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Transforming the future

Create agent skills from an LLM prompt. Orchestrate agent skills in the drag and drop Composabl Agent Builder Studio. Train agents locally or on the cloud.

Transforming Industrial Automation with Composabl

Bryan DeBois
Director of Industrial AI at RoviSys

We have not found a platform that delivers Autonomous AI better than Composabl. We believe that we are at an inflection point in the history of manufacturing and are excited to be at the forefront of solving previously unsolvable problems with Composabl.

Tony Harris
President & CEO, e-Magic

We chose Composabl's Autonomous Intelligent Agents because the technology is proven, best of class and will provide substantial operational benefits to our customers.

Aanand Dave
Chief Solutions Office, Decision Lab Systems Integrator

Composabl is enabling Decision Lab to apply our novel concepts in MARL into new sectors and applications with customers in supply chain, manufacturing and FMCG/retail sectors.

Sean Glass
Founder and Managing Partner of Evidenced

The Composabl team has been at the forefront of using AI for industrial applications for almost a decade.   The team knows the market inside and out and is building a platform that is being developed with deep understanding of customer needs.

Michael Dolbec
Managing Partner at Momenta

Composabl's groundbreaking platform combines the power of Composite AI, expert knowledge and the ability to orchestrate cyber-physical systems to deliver unparalleled value. Composabl enables manufacturing and industrial companies to become truly agentic, driving efficiency, innovation, and growth.

Jordan Reynolds
VP of Artificial Intelligence & Autonomy at Rockwell Automation

We are observing an inflection point in industrial automation - Composabl aligns with Rockwell’s vision of creating the future of industrial operations by equipping our customers with a standardized set of tools, processes and interfaces to manage the transition to industrial autonomy.

Karen Kerr
Managing Director, Exposition Ventures

Composabl is enabling Industry 4.0 by allowing auditable automation with AI agents. The engineers who understand the process the best can train AI agents without needing to call in data scientists. Those are powerful value propositions and are the reasons we invested.

Allen Gannett
Author & Tech Investor

Composabl is the rare combination of product development and an experienced team tackling a market they are deeply familiar with and finding massive opportunities to help customers.

Chris Conry
Group Manager, Industrial Artificial Intelligence

In the world of Manufacturing Automation creating reliable, explainable, and effective solutions are the name of the game. When it comes to building Autonomous AI agents, the RoviSys AI team has not experienced a platform with all those qualities at the forefront. Composabl is a platform that is built around the appreciation that operator knowledge is the most valuable asset for manufacturers. We’ve seen its ability to develop agents to do everything from orchestration of large-scale manufacturing process to optimize the performance of individual machines

Nic Jablonski
Founder, Semiflat

Building the user experience and interface for the Composabl platform was a dream challenge for any designer. The novelty of the technology behind it meant that there was no blueprint or proven patterns from other products to follow. We've worked with Kence and Xavier to conceptualize the key features of the no-code interface and then translated them into wireframes. The design was proceeded by deep research and countless brainstorming sessions. Since both Kence and Xavier have extensive experience and immense knowledge in the domain of autonomous agents, we had to bring our A-game to not only keep up but also be able to shape the product vision and lead the design effort. We recognize how unique of an opportunity that was, and we are honored that the Composabl team chose us to help them build their product.

Brian Evergreen
Autonomous Transformation Author

I worked closely with Kence Anderson at Microsoft and I can attest that he is the world’s foremost authority on designing autonomous artificial intelligence to produce results in the physical world. Composabl will be remembered as a corner-turning market introduction for the industrial sector in its transition to Autonomous Transformation.

Andrew McMahon
General Partner, Ridgeline

Composabl has exceeded expectations on all fronts, building a highly differentiated product that meets the needs of large industrial, logistics, and manufacturing companies. We're most excited about the potential for Composabl to reshape how automation, agents, and AI-enabled "assistants" are built into manufacturing, supply chain, and industrial use cases."

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