Industrial Strength
Intelligent Agents.

Tools for engineers to build intelligent automation that works in real life. Get started right now!

Goodbye, algorithms.

Too many unorganized algorithms

Thousands of algorithms with great decision-making potential. Which ones should you use to automate your equipment and processes?

No structure to organize them

The best agents combine complimentary techniques. But with no organizing structure you have to write huge amounts of software to automate anything.

Engineers shouldn't have to become software developers

Engineers know how to build, they just need tools and building blocks.

Hello, intelligent building blocks.

Teach intelligent autonomous agents skills explicitly. Organize and orchestrate algorithms without writing code.
"Our team is thrilled to have become more engaged developers within the software, and we're even happier to say we've already started applying our new knowledge to some of our live projects."
Aanand Davé
Chief Solutions Officer, Decision Lab